Aver M90UHD 4K 13M 322X Total Zoom Mechanical Arm HDMI/USB Visualiser


Aver M90UHD 4K 13M 322X Total Zoom Mechanical Arm HDMI/USB Visualiser


The M90UHD is a visualizer with an impressive lineup of features that include a 13-megapixel camera, 4K imaging, and a transcendent 322X total zoom capacity. These characteristics help teachers demonstrate all types of materials in an extraordinarily vivid way. What’s more, instinctive function buttons, an extendable arm, and AVerTouch software allow teachers of any subject to create fantastic collaborations in next to no time. 

Equipped with a 14X optical and 23X digital zoom, the M90UHD’s amazing 322X total zoom buries the competition. Every student—even the ones in the back row—can enjoy a wonderful learning journey without missing a single detail. 

Ultra HD output resolution and 13 megapixels display every subtle detail of topographical maps, chemical experiments, stereo models, and more. This clarity improves teaching quality and enhances student comprehension. 

Intuitive recording and capturing enable users to record the complete teaching process with one button. Also, the playback function lets teachers review their lessons and examine student behavior to successfully prevent any accidents. 

A larger than A3-size shooting area captures items as big as building models. In addition, the position indicator on the camera head helps teachers always display materials accurately. 

With HDMI, VGA, and USB jacks available, users can connect the M90UHD to any display or computer and use the devices they’re most familiar with to teach. 

Some visualizers have a difficult time focusing on moving objects, but not this one. A single press of a button activates a premium-quality autofocus function that instantly clarifies the image and maintains students’ attention. 

The M90UHD offers an embedded light for adjusting luminance. Even in a dark presentation environment, teachers can easily provide a comfortable viewing experience.

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