Now Signage - CMS License 1 year Subscription

Now SignageSKU: NS-SIGNCMS1-20

Now Signage - CMS License 1 year Subscription

Now Signage (SKU: NS-SIGNCMS1-20)

Now Signage - CMS License 1 year subscription (3 years also available)

Content Management System for Digital Signage Displays including Hisense.

With unique integrations such as Microsoft Power BI, Google’s suite of products and social media, NowSignage provides the very best features to businesses on 4 continents.

NowSignage is trusted by some of the largest hotels, bar and restaurant chains in the world as well as single-outlet and independent businesses. Customisable roles and permissions, the very best social media integrations and ease-of-use are just some of the things that make us the go-to choice for hospitality businesses.

“NowSignage has a strong pedigree of working with retailers since 2013. The ease of use, low price-point and high feature-set make us the obvious choice for retailers the world over”

NowSignage works with a wide array of leading universities, schools, colleges and educational institutions. They particularly like the ease-of-use, flexible contracts, social media integrations and live announcements.

NHS Trusts, doctors surgeries, pharmacies and veterinary practices all use NowSignage to inform customers and staff in real time of key messages, wait times and promotions.

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